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I Am.


As a 28 year old, Oakland native, I have always been surrounded and heavily influenced by culture, technology, music, community, and politics. 


I entrepreneur, an activist, a public speaker, a content creator, an on-air personality, a brand consultant, and a writer. I use my many social media platforms to discuss politics, social issues, music, and various other miscellaneous topics. My most well-known handle is my YouTube channel, formally known as Blvck Nostalgia, now simply Jazmyne Drakeford, that has reached millions of viewers.


My long-term goal is to own a media network.

“This is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution."

- Assata Shakur -

Projects & Innovations

Community, Technology, & Creation
Assata Shakur said, "No movement can survive unless it is constantly growing and changing with the times", and I could not agree more. As an activist and young entrepreneur who is heavily influenced by the movements of the generations that preceded me, as well as today's modern technology, I've been working extremely hard in finding and creating ways for these two attitudes to synchronize harmoniously. From creating a platform for connecting businesses with influential content creators, to constructing an app for fighting police brutality, to a simple YouTube channel that allows me to reach millions of viewers, I have found my niche in both the creative world and the world of technology.

For the Culture


All that I do and all that I create is for the people. Every video I've filmed, every piece that I've written, and every project that I've begun is for the purpose bettering the world around me. 

My objective is to encourage people to learn, grow, and create.

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